Thune Eureka Spares

Welcome to our Thune Eureka Spares web page.

The only site you need to solve all your Thune Eureka pump spare parts requirements.

With a track record of over twenty years manufacturing and supplying OEM and Quality replacement parts for Thune Eureka Pumps we offer you a simple and easy one stop solution.

Made in the UK our knowledge of these parts is second to none.

It is important for you to know that we guarantee all our parts.

We have large stocks of consumables for all common types of Thune Eureka pumps

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New pumps and spare parts for Thune Eureka pumps:

  • Kvaerner
  • Eureka
  • Thune
  • Jugoturbina
  • TTK
  • Croatia Pump
  • Thune-Eureka
  • CG Range


Thune Eureka Pumps
CGA50 CGA65 CGB80 CGB100
CGC125 CGC150 CGD200 CGD250
CGE300 CGE350 C12BA C22BA
C62BB CAC200 CAC250 CAC300
CAD350 CAD400 CAD450 CAD500